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Bronx High School Students in Traditional Japanese Garb

It was fun and excitement at Bronx Collaborative High School Japanese classes as NY de Volunteer dressed the students in yukatas. This was our second visit to the high school to conduct our Explore Japanese Culture program. This time at the request of the students, we brought yukatas for all to try on. You can see from our previous posts that we recently have been busy dressing people in yukatas as this is a popular activity.

As this is a cultural education program, we first taught them the background of the yukata and how it is different from a kimono. FYI, yukatas were originally worn after baths but due to their comfort and style are now popularly worn at festivals and during the summer time and can also been seen worn casually around town. With the help of our kimono/yukata specialist, Chisa-san, we then showed them how to put on a yukata including tying the obi, which is the most difficult part.

Now it was the students turn to try them on. We brought several colorful female and male yukatas to chose from. Our staff and volunteers worked expertly to dress everyone in the traditional Japanese garb. The end result was that they all looked great and many tried on different styles and even some wore cross gender styles.

As we were taking pictures of the dressed students in the hallway our activity drew interest and attention from fellow students and teachers commenting on the their cool looks. We even dressed the vice principal and she meandered through the halls of the school in her yukata.

The students really enjoyed today's program based on their smiles and engagement. On their feedback on our program survey one commented,

"Please come back!"

We definitely will come back for the next school year. Thank you to all the students for their enthusiasm and Yamasaki-sensei. Some of the students will be going to Japan this summer and we believe with their enthusiasm that they will really enjoy the experience. We look forward to hearing about their trip.

Some of our staff will be back sooner to Bronx Collaborative as they will be judging their end of the school year presentations in Japanese this month.

Good luck and have a great summer!

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