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A Day at UNIS' Spring Festival Teaching Japanese Language Students from the Tri-State Area

Hundreds of students studying Japanese gather at UNIS for the annual Japanese Spring Festival

NY de Volunteer playing "Karuta" with Japanese language students

Every year the United Nations International School hosts an event for high school students studying Japanese in the tri-state area. At the event, the students engage in different cultural activities while practicing their Japanese language skills. Each activity requires the students to first answer questions in Japanese. By introducing the students to various Japanese cultural activities, the students deepen their interest in Japan and encourages them to be the future of better US-Japan relations.

NY de Volunteer has provided volunteers for the event for many years because we believe it is important to teach children about cultural and social aspects of Japan to foster their understanding and interest in Japan. This year we were in charge of the "karuta" booth a card game where we call out numbers or equations in Japanese and the students have to grab the correct numbered card. Since we gather many volunteers, we also provide support for other activities, including the yukata booth and product kiosks. This year we had several Japanese briefly visiting New York come volunteer including several employees of the JR company in Japan and Yuka Yamada who is the director of the Japanese non-profit Ashinaga in Uganda. We thank all the other volunteers for their support.

We also sold items to raise funds for our organization such as handmade crane and fan origami earrings and greeting cards made by our organization. Thanks to all the buyers.

This was also the last program for Akashi Baba (pictured above in the middle), one of our volunteer staff. After having come to the US during high school with her family she graduated a local high school and will now be attending International Christian University in Tokyo. She was our youngest staff member but her age belied her capability and responsibility. Thank you and good luck to you!

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