With an unwavering commitment to empower people to be change makers through community engagement, we have operated since 2002 thanks to the generous support and donation of numerous volunteers, individuals and corporations.

It all started with a small act...

Our Mission

Empowering the Japanese & American Communities to become Positive Change Makers through Civic Engagement and Global Leadership Development


Awards & Memberships

*Awards & Recognition*

Distinguished Honorees 2007 

(NYC Comptroller)

Volunteer Appreciation Award 2010 & 2011

Volunteer of the year 2011 

(New York City Department of Parks and Recreation)

Commendation from the Consul General 2014

(Consulate General of Japan in New York)




Member of JAMSNET

(Japanese Medical Support Network)

Member of the Overseas Safety Council

(Consulate General of Japan in New York)

Your support through donations and volunteering is very much appreciated.

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