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​Community Outreach

Through introduction to Japanese culture, supporting CSR activities such as community clean ups and partnering with other community organizations, we endeavor to strengthen our ties with the NYC community and help build a society where there diversity is accepted and cherished.

Japan Day

At Japan day, the largest Japanese cultural event in NY, we host a "Yukata dress up" booth which is always very popular with huge lines of people waiting to take pictures of themselves dressed up in yukata! 

Japanese Spa Day

"Day at the Spa" experience where we offer residents of senior care facilities the opportunity to get their hair, nails and make up done by professional stylists and make up artists. This program aims to promote civic engagement in a casual and fun setting providing opportunities for both the American residents and Japanese volunteers to enjoy each others' company and have a good time. After their chosen spa treatment, a professional photographer will capture the moment with the greatest smile.

Food Banks & Soup Kitchens

Volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen that provides groceries, prepares, serves and deliver meals and more to the local community. This provides a glimpse of a side of New York that you don't see with our other programs.  It is an opportunity to not just help those in need but to get to know people who are engaged in making a difference in the community.


from Students

"The yukata experience was so popular and everyone was having a blast. I was happy to see so many people interested in Japanese culture and want to keep on sharing!" 

@2021 NY de Volunteer Inc.
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