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the next generation
of Global leaders

Global Leadership Development

We support the dreams of Japanese students who want to learn English so they can be  an active part of the world;. To become a global citizen. 
Through cultural exchange and dialogue with students in NY,  visiting schools and companies in NY, Japanese students are able to experience first hand what it would be like to live and work in the capital of the world.

Sister & Brother Program

Participants from Japan and high school and university students living in New York will be divided into small groups to tour the city together and interact with each other through Japanese games. This is an opportunity for them to communicate in English about life in New York and get to know more about each other.


​Career Design Program

Meet people working in New York and be inspired about your future and possible career paths. This will expand your view on the possibilities available to you and should motivate you to try new things. You can get advice from people who have careers in New York on how you can go about pursuing your dreams. 

Programs that are part of the Career Design:

  • Lectures
  • Company visits

  • Workshops

  • NPO management 

  • Networking events


from Students

I visited some of the world's top companies and was able to hear stories that I wouldn't normally not have had the chance to. I received a lot of advice on careers in architecture that solidified my decision to pursue.

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