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Diversity through Japanese culture

Japanese Culture Sharing

We introduce Japanese culture to children attending NYC's after school programs and classrooms and to students learning Japanese all over NYC. 
Through cultural activities like origami, calligraphy, marshal arts (karate, kendo etc.), we hope to provide a fun and positive experience for the children which can lead to an appreciation for diversity. 

Explore Japanese Culture Program (EJC) for Youth

One of the core program for NY de Volunteer. We endeavor to reach children in under supported areas of NYC to introduce them to Japanese culture with hope of expanding their world view and cultivating appreciation for different cultures. For many children, it is the first time they experience anything Japanese. We hope by having a positive experience early on in life will foster diversity as they grow older. 

Examples of EJC program activities


・"Radio" exercise (almost like a "national" exercise) 

・Quiz - Facts about Japan, differences between the U.S.

EJC for Adults

​As an extension of our Explore Japan Culture (EJC) program for youth, we have programs primarily targeted for adults, introducing Japanese culture.

Examples of EJC programs for adults

・All you need to know about Sushi 

・Seasonal Events & Meals 

from Volunteers

The kids are a bundle of energy! We did Japanese calligraphy together. It was the first time for most to use the brush for writing words in Japanese. They chose the words they wanted to write. It was so much fun teaching and watching them! 

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