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Diversity through Language Studies

Language Exploration

​A program that teaches Japanese language and culture. This course is for all those who already know Japanese, who are or want to start studying Japanese, and anyone interested in learning more about Japanese culture.

Chat Club

We host chat clubs for different groups of people, from students from Columbia University to City College studying Japanese, to students that are learning Japanese on their own to those that want to keep up their Japanese skills, this language exchange forum has been popular before and during COVID-19 lockdowns. The great things about the chat club is getting to know so many people that share their interest in Japan as well as learning about the participant's culture and where they come from. To keep it fun, there is a different theme every time!

LEP(Language Exchange Program)

This is a program that connects local Japanese students and volunteers through language exchange in Japanese and English. We match volunteers who want to learn / speak / use English with  students who are studying Japanese at universities around New York who want to learn / speak / use Japanese. They practice English and Japanese through simple games and conversations about specific topics, and deepen our understanding of each other's lives and culture.

from Students

Even in these difficult times, it is encouraging to see the programs go on with wonderful volunteers.

I am proud to be Japanese and will continue to support and be part of these programs even from Japan!

@2021 NY de Volunteer Inc.
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